Below are just a few of testimonials by our happy customers. We have a large list of satisfied customers, and are happy to give you referrals.
– Joseph B

“They are great.  Makes the AM drive so much better.  I get the sunshine but don’t have to worry about jeep hair!  Thanks again.”

-Bill K.

“Hottest 4th I can remember in FL – and the Tesla Shades kept the passenger compartment of my Wrangler much cooler! The diffusers worked great. You have got this design down pat!”

Bill from Florida

“New Tesla Sunshades are awesome! The “Fit and Finish” and the high-end “Tesla” fabric are the perfect compliment / accessory to my JeeTops! They cut down “just enough” on the intense Florida sun in the hot summer months but are easily removable to let the sun back in during fall , winter and spring!”

-Jean-Marc D.

“A great buy. Super happy with my JeeTops. No longer riding in a dark cave. The JeeTops bring the beautiful outdoors as though riding with the top off. I got my tops through the loaner program which was effortless and so convenient while keeping costs to a minimum.”

-Thomas M.

“Chris and crew are miracle workers and masters of their craft. The installation was better than I could have hoped for. Really top notch work. I’ve had zero issues – no leaking, no air, no problems cleaning them. There are the tops you are looking for!”


“Hesitant, I made the plunge. Glad I did. Awesome JeeTops. Can’t wait for spring so the ice can melt off and I can see the sky again. Meanwhile I’m out of the darkness with more light coming in through the ice!”

Worth Every Penny!

You are a master of your craft. The workman ship and quality of the work was worth every (EVERY) penny. So glad I reached out to you fix my problem, as I am extremely happy. Just put them on the jeep now, and they look great. Can’t wait for the weekend to go and try…

-Michael B.

“I absolutely love my JeeTops. Everyone who gets in my Jeep loves the feel. It takes the winter Jeep experience here in New England to another level. Thanks!!”

-Upton B.

“Really like the new tops! Amazing how much more light is in the cabin.”


“I had a chance to see the Jeep today in the sunshine with the tops on — wow! I can’t believe how large the panels are, how nicely designed and professional they look and how much the driving experience is changed. I truly do feel like I have walked outside after being in a cave! Thanks…


“I absolutely LOVE my tops! I removed my front and back tops in May to soak up all of the Summer weather that I possibly could before Fall! Chris, thank you again for making the purchase and exchange process so easy and being available to answer my never-ending list of questions. Your checking in months after…

“I love my JeeTops, no cracks or leaks after 6 months. I drive my Jeep daily in all weather conditions and have never had a single issue!”


“I couldn’t be more pleased with the JeeTops product over the past five years, and with the client service we received when there was an issue. 100% satisfied. I strongly recommend this sunroof for any Wrangler hardtop owners! Thank you, Chris!”


“Still absolutely loving my tops! Definitely makes the cooler months more bearable with sunlight being able to shine through! Thank you again!”


“We’re so happy with our panoramic rear. It does lighten up significantly! I’ve had passengers in the back who have commented that it is nice to have.”

“My tops are awesome! I drove my Jeep home to Illinois to show them off and have received many compliments down in Florida! I am definitely a step above the rest!”


“Love, love them! No leaks or cracks whatsoever. They’re awesome!”

-Marlon Crawford

“The tops are fantastic! We love the feeling of openness that they provide inside the cabin!”

“To quote my wife, they are awesome! I got them waxed up and took it through a touch less wash the other day and no leaks. Not that I was worried but glad to see it. We love them. My wife said she does not think we can own another Jeep without them.”

-John Sharon

“Picked up my Jeetops from the company on Friday. We really love being able to see out the freedom tops, especially on days like today when the temps are near zero. Great and solid product. I have to say that Chris is top notch.”

-John Karney

“Jeetops are the best. Now I don’t have that closed in feeling. Nice to look up and see the sky. Very well made.”


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