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About Us- the JeeTops® story, and how we went from professional sunroof installers to the Patented product!

It began with Autovation LTD, Inc.  A company founded over 30 years ago to install premium sunroofs from Hollindia, and Webasto in quality Dealerships across the Upper Midwest (Chicago, Milwaukee, and Madison, WI).  In the height of the leasing craze of the late 80’s and early 90’s dealerships needed Sunroofs that added value, didn’t create comebacks, and could count on installers who did it right every time.  Chris and his crew from Autovation were the best-respected company in this era for those reasons!  When in 2007 personal friends and Jeep lovers (Like Dave S)  approached Chris to solve the Cave-like Freedom Top problem, they and Chris knew it needed a sunroof- and Chris began working on solutions. JeeTops® thus began in 2008, was awarded a first patent in 2010, and three additional since (including design patents on the factory design).  Chris’ family exposure, with three generations of manufacturing, added the depth and experience to grow and streamline the complicated installation process.

A Jeep owner like you knows there is nothing better than having the freedom to take the top off and see the world around you. But what happens when mother nature has other plans? We’ve got you covered! With JeeTops® 180° panoramic panels, you can still enjoy the view without the inconvenience or worry.  And unlike all other products out there with complete safety- when it comes to crashworthiness there is no equal- it’s just like Jeep engineered.

JeeTops® is the premium custom hardtop on the market today. We receive Jeep Wrangler OEM hardtops directly from Chrysler. To create JeeTops® 180° Front Panels and Panoramic Rear Seat Panels, we install top-of-the-line acrylic panels cut to custom specifications.

JeeTops® are made of next-generation, aircraft-grade, impact-modified acrylic, the same material that is used to engineer aircraft canopies, Bell and Sikorsky helicopters and many other aircraft window applications where absolute strength is needed to cope with movement as well as expansion and contraction.  Yes the F-15 and F16 had this material in their canopy.  (Today the F-35 and F-22 use impact modified acrylic along with additional layers).

The material is 1/16th thicker than a standard tempered sunroof glass, with increased resilience and strength. JeeTops® are impact resistant, scratch resistant, and block out 99% of UV-A and UV-B rays. The snap-in “Tesla style” sunshade is also designed to hold up to the most extreme off-roading and is a breeze to install and remove.  Quality products at a value price every day!


In reference to Hollindia (purchased by Wabasto in 90’s)  Chris was one of the oldest Wabasto sunroof authorized dealers in North America.  89% of the world’s sunroofs (moonroofs/ sunroofs/ panoramic roofs) are OEM produced via product and design by Wabasto.)